Panhellenic Council 2019

Ava warrenfelt

president |


Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Tourism & Event Management

 "I went panhellenic because I was looking for a way to stay involved on campus. Since being in my chapter I have taken every opportunity to learn more about our Greek community and push myself to be a better leader so I can inspire my peers."



Ciana Sorrentino


Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Major: Business, Human Resource Management & International Business

 "I went panhellenic to become a part of an organization I knew, without a doubt, could positively affect my life. I was excited to form my own little family that I could be proud of. Since I joined a newly chartered sorority, I was confident in the fact I could set leadership precedents to impact my chapter years down the line. The Greek lettered organizations at IUPUI have helped me unlock my untapped leadership potential and for that, I will forever grateful."



executive vice president |

Karly Van Slyke




Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Epidemiology 


 "I went panhellenic to be a part of something bigger than myself. I feel empowered by the women in my chapter and the panhellenic community. I am encouraged to push myself to be better and do better every day! I appreciate FSL and everyone in it, more than they'll ever know."



VP of Recruitment |

Maddy Munn

Hometown: Carmel, IN

Major: Elementary Education

 "I went panhellenic because I wanted to find my forever best friends and sisters to make memories with. Little did I know the opportunities that I would receive from my chapter and panhellenic."



VP of Recruitment counselors |

ashlyn bell

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Major: Marketing & International Business

 "I went panhellenic because originally I knew it would be an easy way to make friends... what I didn't expect was the opportunities and experiences I'd encounter along the way. Fraternity & Sorority life has helped me grow as an individual both academically & professionally. "



VP of communication |

Raegan Hadley

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Health Science, Pre-Occupational Therapy

 "I went panhellenic because I felt like I had not yet found my place or my people at IUPUI my freshman year. Once I went through recruitment, it was the best decision I could have made because now I have sisters that support and love me through everything."



VP of Programming |

Cassie Leach

Hometown: North Vernon, IN

Major: Health Service Management

 "I went panhellenic to help build retention of women in sororities and to motivate the panhellenic community. I know how much my sorority has drastically changed my life in a better way, and how it has made me a wholesome person. I desire for other women to see the benefit of staying in and joining a sorority here at IUPUI."



VP of membership |

Tish Gregory

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN


 "I went panhellenic because I knew that it was a way to meet new people. Since being in a sorority, I have made so many friends. I have been given so many opportunities to grow as a person through leadership opportunities."



VP of Academic achievement |

Jayson Davis

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Alma Mater: 

 "I went FSL..."



FSL Advisor |
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