Aspire. seek. Attain.
Founded Nationally: 
November 9, 1874

Founded at IUPUI: 

Lavender & Maroon

Wild Purple Violet
Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, Maine Seacoast Mission, & Alzheimer's Disease Research
Friendship, Loyalty, Personal Growth, & Service
In 2018, the Kappa Psi chapter of Sigma Kappa will have been on IUPUI's campus for 7 years. We are a down to earth and diverse group of women from all over the state, who value friendship, loyalty, service and personal growth. Our chapter is a very energetic and close knit group of women who achieve a good balance of social life, philanthropies, and collegiate studies. Our chapter has five philanthropies: the Sigma Kappa foundation, Inherit the Earth, Maine Seacoast Mission, Alzheimer's disease research and Gerontology. 
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