Fraternity & Sorority life DICTIONARY

ACTIVE/INITIATE: a member who is initiated into lifelong fraternity or sorority membership and is a member in good standing at the collegiate or national level


ALUMNA/ALUMNAE: an initiated sorority or women's fraternity member who has graduated from college.


BID: a formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority.


BID DAY: last day of membership recruitment, which includes acceptance celebrations.


BROTHER/SISTER: term used by active members when referring to each other


CHAPTER: the collegiate group of a national fraternity/sorority, designated by a special Greek name.


INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC): governing body for fraternities on a collegiate campus.


INITIATION: the formal ceremony that marks the transition from new member status to full membership.


LEGACY: an immediate family relation to a fraternity or sorority.


NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL, INC. (NPHC): the governing council for the nine historically Black Greek-lettered sororities and fraternities.


ORIENTATION/NEW MEMBER EDUCATION: a time in which the new members learn about the sorority or fraternity, its members, and chapter activities at the local and inter/national levels.


NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE:  umbrella organization for twenty-six national sororities, six of which are at IUPUI.


COLLEGE PANHELLENIC (CPH): the central governing body of the NPC sororities at IUPUI.


NEW MEMBER: a member of a fraternity or sorority not yet initiated.


PNM: stands for Potential New Member.


NEW MEMBER PRESENTATION (PROBATE): the introduction of New Members of an NPHC or MCGC chapter to the campus communities.


RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR (RHO GAMMA): panhellenic woman who guides prospective members through the membership recruitment process. This woman has completely disaffiliated herself from her sorority in order to provide objective advice and support.

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